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Exhibition: Full House. Visual Art And Autism

Wet Dreamz II, Erin Collins, 2022.
Digital photograph.  
Photo Courtesy of Erin Collins.


30 September 2023

A range of work, with such an independent voice, reflecting six artists and entitled ‘Full House’ is on at the Somers Gallery, 96 Chalton Street, London WC1 1HJ until the 15th of October.

The six artists - Babeworld, Erin Collings, Nathan Cash-Davidson, Lesley O’Neill, Alfie White, and Glenn Wilkinson - were originally shortlisted for the ‘Spectrum Art Award 2022’. The Award, established four years ago, was not realised at the time as a result of lack of funds.

Sacha Craddock, who co-founded the Award and chairs the selection process, is grateful to the Somers Gallery for the opportunity to curate this exhibition celebrating the enriching relationship between Visual Art and Autism.


30 August - 14 October, 2023


Lesley O’Neill’s portraits are not people but characters ‘Drawn’ from ‘Life’. Dolls/Puppets that she makes herself. Each trying to come to terms with -

 * What life has thrown at them. 

 * A life not necessarily well lived. 

 * A place to call home. 

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